Friends of the Volunteers

Friends of the Volunteers

Mission Statement
Support existing palm beach county sheriff's office volunteers with assistance to further increase their professionalism and efficiency, as well as assisting in recruitment and retention efforts.
Promote the use of volunteers in areas where they are not currently used by educating the communities and the agency as to the many benefits such as reduced crime in the communities and cost savings for all citizens.
Educate the general public and media regarding the role of the volunteers and how they benefit the community.

Long Term Goal
Provide the volunteers with a high level of recognition, awareness and respect which will help to increase the volunteers pride, recruitment and retention.

Friends of the Volunteers

What is the Legacy Society?
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Friends of the Volunteers honors every planned gift donor with a membership in the Legacy Society.
As a member, your give can be reconized publically, unless you prefer to give anonymously. The society also provides information and assistance to donors considering a planned gift.

Can I make a Memorial gift?
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In the gift to the Friends Of The Volunteers including a planned gift can be made as a memorial to another individual. Through your bequest any gift you perpetuate the cherished memory of a loved one by enabling Friends Of The Volunteers to continue to support those giving back to their community.

What is the next step?
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Notify us of your intention in writing. If you have already arranged for a bequest or other planned gift, we would like to honor your support. If you are still considering such a gift, let us know so we may help you and your advisors complete your gift in a way that benefits your estate and makes clear your intention to help Friends Of The Volunteers.
You can mail the attached confidential reply information card, visit the Legacy Society section of, or call 561-629-4488.



How can I make a planned gift?

Gifts by will may be made two Friends Of The Volunteers as follows:

I view, devise, and bequeathed to Friends Of The Volunteers, West Palm Beach Florida $______ dollars to be used for its general purposes. (Instead of the dollar amount, you can also indicate a percentage of your total of estate or specifically describe the property to be given.)

Bequest provisions designated for a specific program or activity require additional language. Unless otherwise designated, all gifts given to the Friends Of The Volunteers will be placed in its operating account to be used where the need is greatest. If you wish your gift to be used for a special purpose, it is best to contact Friends Of The Volunteers in advance to ensure that your wishes are properly understood.

When you join the Legacy Society, you demonstrate your commitment to the humanitarian mission of the Friends Of The Volunteers and help ensure the long-term strength of the organization. 

What are other planned gift options?

You may wish to consider other planned a gift operations incentives following:

Gifts of real estate: When a donor makes an outright, irrevocable gift of real property to Friends Of The Volunteers, he or she may be eligible a charitable income tax deduction equal to the full, fair market value of the property. The donors who use this type of gift may also reduce capital gains tax.

Creative gifts through requirement plans: A donor who has accumulated funds in the company pension plan or IRA beyond his or her needs for a comfortable retirement may make the gift to the Friends Of The Volunteers from such an account. In this gift is made at death, you can lower estate taxes throgh the charitable deduction it provides.

Other created gifts: Other gifts may be made through life insurance gifts, savings bonds, gifts, and gifts of other assets.

Items for Sale

Items can be picked up at the PBSO Volunteer Units Headquarters
2300 North Jog Road, West Palm Beach, FL. 33411